An overview of analysts’ recommendations for this year and the previous financial year are provided here. They are an important decision-making aid for investors.


The following analysts are currently following and rating the CO.DON share:


Sphene Capital GmbH - München - link to the current study (in German)

Peter-Thilo Hasler, CEFA (

Susanne Hasler, CFA (


Warburg Research GmbH - Hamburg - link to the current study

Dr. Christian Ehmann (

Date Bank Rating price target in EUR  
05.05.2022 WARBURG RESEARCH Buy 3,50 Update
04.05.2022 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 6,30 Update
29.03.2022 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 7,50 Update
31.01.2022 WARBURG RESEARCH Buy 4,20 Update
28.01.2022 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 7,50 Update
26.11.2021 WARBURG RESEARCH Buy 4,20 Update
08.09.2021 WARBURG RESEARCH Buy 6,60 (adjusted for capital reduction) Update
06.09.2021 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 8,40 Update
01.09.2021 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 8,40 (adjusted for capital reduction) Update
06.08.2021 WARBURG RESEARCH Buy 3,84 Update
21.06.2021 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 4,20 Update
26.05.2021 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 3,80 Update
19.04.2021 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 3,80 Update
21.01.2021 SPHENE CAPITAL Buy 3,80 Update

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