CO.DON AG - on our own behalf - TV reports on cartilage cell transplantation

Recently, the autologous cartilage cell transplantation has received increased media attention and was the subject of two television reports - we are pleased about this and provide the links to access the programmes here:

13 January 2021 21:00 SWR: "Too young for the saving operation? The fight for Anna's knee" - a film by Manfred Bölk.
What is it about?
For three years, 13-year-old Anna from East Friesland has been fighting for her left knee after a fall. Anna's salvation would be a transplantation of cartilage cells, cultivated in the laboratory - a new treatment method. A cartilage specialist in Dinslaken would be willing to perform the operation; but the health insurance companies only pay for patients over the age of 18. A gruelling battle for Anna's knee begins. (Text: SWR)
Available on YouTube at

19 January 2021 12:15 ARD on "ARD Buffet- Das Mittagsmagazin": "Cartilage damage in the knee - what helps?" With Prof. Rainer Siebold, orthopaedist
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