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CO.DON AG stands for open, dependable communications with shareholders,  financial analysts and media. By providing transparent, timely information we create a positive foundation for developing a trusted relationship with the financial community.

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08 May 2019 - CO.DON share: WARBURG RESEARCH GmbH confirms buy recommendation and target price for CO.DON share

The Hamburg-based research house WARBURG RESEARCH GmbH has confirmed its buy recommendation and price target of EUR 11.50 per share following the announcement of the rights issue.

The full update to the research study is available here.

07 May 2019 - CO.DON share: Sphene Capital GMBH confirms buy rating and adjusts price target for the CO.DON share

The Munich-based research house Sphene Capital GmbH confirmed its buy recommendation after the announcement of the rights issue and adjusted its price target to EUR 9.30 per share following the capital increase.

The complete update of the research study (German Language) can be found here