Corporate Governance

Our policy of managing and supervising the company in order to create long-term value is expressed in the Corporate Governance Code. In October of 2003 we issued a declaration of conformity in accordance with § 161 of German Stock Act, committing the company to high standards of corporate governance. CO.DON AG complies with the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code, and publishes details of any breaches of these recommendations.

With the publication of the Corporate Governance Code for German companies in February of 2002, Germany had concurred with the necessity of assigning a high rank to the principles of responsible company management when it comes to assessing a company . The Code stipulates as the "Code of Best Practice" the rules, standards of conduct, and disclosure requirements which comprise good company leadership.

Effective corporate governance seeks to achieve a balance between management, supervision and transparency with the aim of creating lasting added value for shareholders and protecting their interests. The management and supervisory boards believe that open, timely and consistent information is an important means of generating confidence among investors and other capital providers, business partners, employees and the public.

Please find here the Corporate Governance Reports (German Language) of the last three years.

Former reports are available as pdf. Please contact us by mail: ir [at]