Your way to greater quality of life

Your cartilage is the template
Your doctor removes a small piece of your cartilage from the affected joint
and sends it to co.don AG together with a blood sample.

Propagation of your cartilage cells
In a special cell culture process we produce chondrocyte spheroids
in the laboratory in around five to seven weeks - without using any extraneous substances.

Back into your body
Your doctor only needs to carry out a minor operation to insert the spheroids into the lesion, where they adhere naturally and form new cartilage tissue that combines with existing healthy cartilage. At the end of the therapy the cartilage can bear weight and is comparable with healthy cartilage tissue.

Now it's up to you
Following the chondrocyte transplant you stay in hospital for another three days and then begin a training programme that has been carefully coordinated with the healing process. During the first six weeks you will already be able to carry out everyday activities. From week seven your training programme will keep increasing the loads until you can make full use of your joint again.

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