Put your back into it!

Your body supplies the template
Your doctor sends us vertebral disc tissue, which is removed in the course of the operation anyway, together with a small blood sample.

We propagate your disc cells
In our cell culture laboratory we isolate the vertebral disc cells from the tissue sample and propagate them in accordance with the strictest safety standards.

Disc chondrocytes ready for you to use
Around three months after the disc tissue has been removed the autologous chondrocytes are ready for transplantation. 

Your doctor receives the cultured disc cells. Injecting the autologous disc cells into your vertebral disc only requires a local anaesthetic. 

Rehabilitation is an integral part of the treatment process. You should stay in bed for two days or so after the cell transplantation, during which time you receive physiotherapy. This is followed by coordinated rehabilitation activities and back-strengthening exercises.


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