This website provides information about the business field of CO.DON GmbH, which has taken over the business operations from CO.DON AG.
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The management and the leadership team work hand in hand for CO.DON’s ongoing development.


The mangement of CO.DON GmbH is responsible for managing the company. It acts independently and is responsible for the company meeting the objectives laid down in its Rules of Procedure. To this end it takes the necessary entrepreneurial measures, i.e. decisions on staffing, finances and strategy.

A team of division managers assists the management with the development and implementation of the company strategy. They form the Executive Committee.

Tilmann Bur

Managing Director

Tilmann Bur, born in 1964, has been a member of the Executive Board of CO.DON AG since June 2019. Since January 2023, following the change of CO.DON AG to CO.DON GmbH, he has been the Managing Director.

He is an internationally experienced sales and marketing manager. With over 20 years’ experience he worked in professional relationship management with decision-makers in orthopedic and surgical clinics in particular, as well as in setting up and managing national and international sales organizations and distribution networks.

After completing his education and subsequently working in various hospitals as a manager for the operating theatre, Tilmann joined Haemonetics in 1999, where he initially worked as a product specialist for complex products in the field of blood management for orthopaedics and cardio surgery. After gaining additional business management qualifications, he held various national and international positions, for example, as Head of Sales and Authorised Representative for Haemonetics Germany, as Marketing Director at Haemonetics Europe and Managing Director at Haemonetics Austria. After working for Biosafe as Director Global Sales and Marketing, as well as a member of the leadership team, Tilmann joined R-Biopharm as Director Global Sales for the division of food and feed analysis followed by his positions as Vice President Clinical Diagnostics. In this function, as an Authorised Representative he was also a member of the senior management team.