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Compliance is an integral part of our company culture.


For us, compliance means acting responsibly and in accordance with statutory and legal regulations, internal company guidelines and values as well as ethical principles. As an integral part of our corporate culture, it is the basis of our daily business. Our aim is to counter risks in the best possible way in order to protect and prevent any damage to CO.DON as well as our employees and business partners.


Please find the courage to speak up whenever you observe or suspect any misconduct or non-compliance related to CO.DON. Transparent and open communication is key to identify potential misconduct as early as possible and to take appropriate countermeasures. Thank you for your support.

You can use our web-based reporting channel, the CO.DON Integrity Channel, to point out possible violations of CO.DON's Code of Conduct, internal company guidelines or applicable laws. The CO.DON Integrity Channel is available to our employees, business partners and all other stakeholders - around the clock and worldwide. Reports can be made by name or anonymously, if you prefer.

FAQs CO.DON Integrity Channel

How do I report a possible compliance violation?

As we do appreciate an open and transparent communication, we encourage you to address your concerns or questions about a possible compliance violation directly to CO.DON. As a CO.DON employee, we recommend that you speak to your manager or the HR department first. If an open dialogue may not be the right way for you, feel free to use the CO.DON Integrity Channel.

How can I help with my report?

Your report makes it possible to investigate unethical or illegal behaviour, uncover risks at an early stage and prevent potential reputational damage. In this way, you can help minimise risks for the company and all CO.DON employees and business partners.

Which compliance issues can I report?

You can provide information on (suspected) violations of CO.DON's Code of Conduct, internal company guidelines or applicable laws. You can also use the CO.DON Integrity Channel to seek advice on what to do if you are not sure about a possible violation. The more information can be provided, the better we can react and follow up.

The reporting system is not intended for reporting general complaints, minor offences (e.g. stolen deposit vouchers), side effects or quality complaints in connection with CO.DON’s pharmaceutical products.

What is the process for submitting a report to the CO.DON Integrity Channel?

Our CO.DON Integrity Channel will guide you through the reporting process.

Is my anonymity guaranteed?

Yes, the CO.DON Integrity Channel guarantees the complete anonymity of the reporting person. The system does not allow to draw any conclusions about your person. Our CO.DON Integrity Channel is operated by EQS Group AG. The technical guarantee of data confidentiality has been certified several times. Neither EQS Group AG nor third parties have access to the report data.

Is there an option to receive feedback about the report I submit (even if I want to remain anonymous)?

Yes. Setting up a protected electronic mailbox during the reporting process allows you to receive feedback and communicate with the examiner in charge – also anonymously, if you prefer. The examiner in charge can also use the mailbox to ask any follow-up questions that may arise while your case is being processed.

Will I suffer retribution or punishment as a result of making a report?

Every report made as well as related communication and documentation is handled strictly confidential. We do not tolerate reprisals against persons who report possible compliance violations to us responsibly, provide information and help with internal investigations. We also take care to protect the legitimate interests of the person(s) affected by a report. Deliberately false accusations or misleading and defamatory reports and information do not belong here.

Who processes reports I send via the CO.DON Integrity Channel?

Reports you submit via the CO.DON Integrity Channel will be reviewed and processed by our CO.DON internal examiner. Your information will only be passed on if this is appropriate and needed for better processing. The data will be passed on in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.


The Code of Conduct summarises CO.DON’s main principles and rules for acting responsibly and with integrity and so serves as a guideline for our work on a daily basis.